Build reservation app without any coding skill

Book now is multi-platform booking app based on Wordpress and Ionic framework. You can use IONIC framework to build your Android & iOS app. Book Now is a mobile app that uses Wordpress as an admin panel for management.

Book Now is suitable for hospital booking, home renting, car booking, lab booking, clinics booking and so on. You don’t need any coding skill to build Book Now mobile app, Just follow documentation!

Book Now use AngularJS and Typescript which let you easily edit app if you want since they are just HTML codes.

First of all your employees need to register on the app and submit their profile. They should register their profile included address, locations and expertise.

After their profile get approved by admin, They can add their availability time by just a tap!

Clients can easily search for employees (lawyers, doctors and …) on an app based on name, locations and expertise.

A complete overview of all your appointments, employees and clients. Manage them in Book Now Wordpress Plugin

— Book Now Booking Platform

Appointment Mobile App, Ionic + Wordpress!

If the client found a suitable employee on his location, He can check for employee rating and comments, It’s the best method for evaluating employee quality!

Clients and Employee can easily chat with each other using Book Now real-time chat this powered by your WordPress plugin. It means they can send and receive messages real-time and notifications.

You as an admin can easily manage their chats also!

If the client found his employee as a good choice, he can easily book for him and choose for paying him if the book has the price to pay! Stripe and PayPal as 2 popular gateway are available if the client wants to pay for books.

Edit any books, assign to employee or client. Approve or reject them easily in Book Now Wordpress plugin or mobile apps.

— Book Now Wordpress Plugin

Approve books in App, Pay them easily!

With Book Now, your users can easily manage books and pay for them easily. There is 2 popular gateway for Book Now that is Stripe and PayPal. Users can choose to pay for books and employee can easily check any payment for their books also.

If you are an employee on the app, You can easily approve, reject or delete a book. You don’t need to login into admin to do such things. It’s easy for you to chat with clients also.

Book Now use OneSignal push notifications to send unlimited free notifications so when you approve a book or reject that, You client in app will receive notifications about that. You can also send notifications to active users, inactive users or to a single specific user.

Send Unlimited Push Notifications to Your Users, Active, Inactive, Single User

- Book Now Ionic iOS & Android App

Booking app for both iOS & Android

Book Now is one of the most complete booking platforms for the beginner with no coding skill. Just use Book Now documentation to install Wordpress and build apps.

Do you want to build a reservation for your hotel?

Do you need a booking system for your hospital or clinics?

Do you want to have a booking app for your labs or doctors?

Book Now is right for you, Start Now!