We are very happy to inform you Book Now V1.1 is released now!

Book Now is multi-platform Mobile App for booking, reservation and renting. You can use Book Now for building your reservation system in your hospital, restaurant, clinics, labs, company and etc.

Book Now is very simple and powerful which let you build your app without any coding skill. You can use your own Wordpress Panel to run Book Now and use IONIC framework to build Book Now.

Let us review some of the new features that belong to Book Now 1.1

Payment for Booking, PayPal And Stripe Gateway

Many customers wanted to have paid booking or paid reservation and now here it is!

Book v.1.1 support payment for each reservation by PayPal or Stripe that is secure and fast. While you use PayPal you can use credit cards also.

Every doctor or employee will notice for every payment of his book by going to the “Payments” tab. Admin can manage all payments by going to Wordpress Admin >> Book Now >> Payments.

Users can check their own purchase history in the app by going to Purchase History. If his pay is unsuccessful he can check his payment status on that page also.

You can easily configure your preferred gateway in your source code and WordPress book now options.

If you want to add a payment for a user in admin, It is possible also! Just go to Book Now WordPress and choose one book and set price, that’s done!

Review and Rating System for Employees ( Doctors, Lawyers and … )

It’s one of the most wanted features that clients asked from us, and now it’s available for all users. Clients can easily add their comment and star on the employee page. Their comment will be unapproved and admin needs to approve their comment or delete them.

Users rates will show on top of the Employee Details Page.

New Timeslot System

Your employees can submit their availability on their page now! It’s a new feature for Book Now, that make employee job incredibly easy. Just after their profile get approved by admin, They can set their available date, time and price on their profile easily.

When they added their time, It’s available for clients to book that specific date, time and price on Booking Page!

Admin doesn’t need to set their employee date and time anymore! Just let employee set their time!

New Lawyer Home Page Design

Do you need a booking page for your lawyers? This home page is just fit for you. You can easily check this page here.

This lawyer home page is for Book Now, The most complete Booking Platform based on IONIC framework and Wordpress!

Improve Loading Speed

Book Now is up to 50% faster now due to the major improvement in codes and APIs. We just removed many old observable for avatar changing which makes Book Now much faster, Enojy new changes!

Minor Bug Fixed

There were some issues on the app for chat sending, duplicate notifications and loading overlay issues that they are fixed now!

Enjoy new update!

Book Now V1.1 New Features

Book Now is Booking platform based on WordPress which runs on most of Android & iOS devices. Book Now included incredible features like unlimited notifications, real-time chat system, online booking, search for doctor, review system and payment for books.

Rate Your Doctors

Users can rate doctors and write a lovely comment from them. Comments will be posted to WordPress Book Now plugin and need approve. Admin can easily delete any unwanted comment and manage them incredibly easy!

Search for Your Employee

People can easily search for doctors, lawyers and dentists based on their name, expertise and location. This search system powered by Book Now and worked on any iOS and Android Devices.

Change User Avatar

Users can change their avatar in-app and replace with the camera image. This image can be captured by Camera instantly. They can even ask to reset their password if they forgot their password.

PayPal & Stripe for Payment

Users can use both PayPal and Stripe on the app to pay for the reservation. Doctors should assign their availability on their profile so users can book for them.

Manage Books on App

Doctors can manage books on the app easily. They can approve or reject their books by tap. They can chat with their patients quickly and review users payments.

Real Time Chat Messenger

Doctors and patients can be connected through a real-time chat messenger which powered by Book Now. They can even remove their own messages! Any admin can manage their chats in the backend of WordPress!