You will receive updates regularly by purchase each version.
You need to have a MacOS and XCode to test iOS app on real devices, You can see and edit app in your browser before check app on Android or iOS even.

Pre-Sale Questions

Book Now is a mobile app based on IONIC framework which powered by AngularJS. Ionic is a hybrid mobile framework that can build iOS and Android Apps. So when you use Ionic, you can easily create apps with HTML and Typescript (Like javascript).

Book Now is connected to Wordpress through a Book Now plugin. This admin panel helps you to build your app easily and manage that quickly.

You can use Book Now on your installed Wordpress and just install Book Now plugins.

Book Now is one the best Booking platform not only for Wordpress but just for all CMS. Since Book Now built by IONIC you can easily build that without any coding skill. We used wordpress for Book Now backed so you can easily use that to add an employee, approve books, reject books, check payments and review comments.

No. There is only one fee you will pay forever!

When you purchase your Book Now, You can choose iOS, Android or both versions. When you choose Both versions, your price will be reduced.

There is no difference in update and support in all versions!

Please check here:

Username: admin_book_now

password: admin_book_now

You can download iOS version here and Android version here.

There is not a difference! Book Now is compatible with any Wordpress theme or any Wordpress version.

NO, You don’t!

You just need to install Book Now Wordpress plugins on your website and follow documentation to build your app without wrote a single line of code!

We need to inform you we don’t sale Book Now on CodeCanyon anymore.

You should ask for a refund from here and purchase from us directly.

We don’t have any contract with Envato which means we can’t deal with old purchases, So please first ask for a refund and purchase a new license from us directly!

General Questions

Please navigate to this page.

You need to choose your version first and follow purchase steps and pay your download with any gateway you want!

There are some minor differences between Android and iOS for Ionic since we used some advanced technologies that were not supported by both platforms. So we sell a different version for each one!

You can access to Book Now iOS & Android documentation here

Please check here to access the youtube video!


Book Now is not just for doctors or hospitals! You can use Book Now to build your app! You can use Book Now for midwives, lawyers, dentists, educators, players and etc.

Yes of course!

You can use Book Now to creating apps for hotel reservations, car renting, home renting and …

If you want to use PayPal during Book Now Payment, Use this:


Password: 12345678

If you want to test stripe during Book Now Payment:

Card Numer: 4242424242424242 (16 digits)

Expire Month: 12

Expire Year: 2020

CVV: 122

Yes, You need to have a MacBook or iMac if you want to test your iOS app on your iPhone or Ipad. Yes, you can see and check your app on your browser without the need to MacOS.

Since you need XCode to build your iOS app and Xcode is only available on MacOS.

You need to enroll in an Apple Developer Account or Google Play Store account.

You don’t need a MacOS for this purpose.

Apple Developer Account costs about 99$.